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Cut Corner Diamond

32 reviews


If you’re looking for a personalized gift for any occasion that will rise above your expectations and won’t disappoint you then this majestic crystal shape is perfect for you. This iconic 3d crystal piece is one of our most sought after shapes because any image that you choose to be etched into this popular crystal will come out flawless, striking and perfectly posh.


Our exceptional 3dcrystal Cut Corner Diamond was launched originally in the majority of our partnered shops in Las Vegas hotels and remains to be one of the top 3d photo crystal choices among our customers from all over the world. It’s definitely one of the best crystal shapes to use if you really want to transform the photos of your loved ones into remarkably fantastic 3d masterpieces that will last for generations to come.

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    • 9 £

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    *Choose Size

    • 49 £
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    • 79 £

    *Add a Light Base

    Add a Light Base

    • 29 £
      Mini Wooden Premium Base (USB)
    • 20 £
      Rotating Light Base
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      No Light Base
    • 15 £
    • 19.75 £

Why trust your project to 3dcrystal when shopping 3D Photo crystal online?

All laser companies make 3D. We differentiate because we focus on 3D that is HD quality

We do not charge extra for 3D modeling. Most other sites restrict the # of people in the photo and force you to purchase larger sizes for images that have more people. On our website you can purchase any size block with any number of people within for the same price.

Our crystals have elegant facets, our gift boxes are premium, and our production / delivery times are unmatched (we run over a dozen laser tables enabling well over 500 pieces of output per day.

And finally, we put our $ where our mouth is. We purchased crystals from various competitors and prepared an apples-to-apples comparison video for you to witness the difference.